Gulab Jamun Making Machine
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Product Ref: Robo Rounder SA - 1992

Discovering the Best gulab jamun making machine Manufacturer & Supplier with Sarada Robotech

Sarada Robotech is your one-stop solution if you are interested in sweet making completely machine-made. Machines manufactured at our factories can make every delicious sweet, including Rasomalai, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Coconut Ball, Rice Ball, Khirkadam, Kamalabhog, Kalojam, Gaja, Nikuti, Langcha, Rabri, Danadar, etc. We have been engaging in providing the best-quality gulab jamun banane ki machine to all our beloved clients so that they can deliver their sweets quickly.

At Sarada Robotech, we ensure delivering the most competitive innovation that takes care of the profitability of every sweet maker. Using state-of-the-art technology, we only serve quality-oriented gulab jamun making machines worldwide. As a trusted name in the Gulab Jamun Machine supplier field, we keep our clients highly satisfied.


  •  Easily operated by even a non-professional
  • Compact size machine along with enclosed body
  • Easily changeable parts for cleaning
  • Zero noise while making sweets
  • Voltage – 220 V, Power – 660 Watt
  • Gulab jamun collection tray
  • Drive developed by Teco Taiwan or Delta Taiwan
  • Food grade material at the economical price
  • Single labour is enough for operating the machine
  • Increased productivity along with decreased processing time
  •     Adjustable according to the production needs


Q. Does one machine make different types of sweets?

Ans. The intelligent machines manufactured at Sarada Robotech can make Gulab Jamun, cham cham, rasgulla, malai chap, rasmalai, pedha, and many other types of sweets.

Q. Are the gulab jamuns from machines of the same shape and size?

Ans. Yes, every gulab jamun that comes from the gulab jamun making machine guarantees a similar shape and size.

Q. Are the machines fully automatic?

Ans. As the popular Gulab Jamun Machine Manufacturer, we offer three kinds of machines: a full automatic gulab jamun making machine, a semi-automatic gulab jamun making machine, and a basic gulab jamun making machine. We also have special offerings for the small and medium sweet makers.  

Q. How does the gulab jamun making machine work?

Ans. The labour must put the raw material or chenna in the specified space, select the required ball size, and then power up the machine. Once the sweet is made, the machine will automatically stop. Today every Gulab Jamun Machine Manufacturer comes up with sweet-making machines with sleek designs that can easily operate with unskilled labour.

Q. How to ensure buying gulab jamun making machine from the best supplier?

Ans. Gulab Jamun Machine suppliers like Sarada Robotech should be your one-stop-shop for investing in the top quality gulab jamun machine at the most competitive price. 

 Benefits of gulab jamun making machine:

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of using gulab jamun banana ki machine

  • Hardly one or two labour is required for operating the semi-automatic machine
  • Low operational cost and maintenance cost
  • Guaranteed uniform colour for every piece
  • Independent frying advantage of different kinds of sweets like Kalajamun, Paantua, and Gulabjamun.
  • The final output comes out very spongy and soft
  • Zero need to stir in oil
  • Best applied in sweet shops, hotels, restaurants, and wholesale purposes
  • Production of best-in-quality gulab jamuns
  • Automatic manufacturing of gulab jamuns in the required shape, size, and weight
  • Easily washable, affordable, and appropriate for large production
  • Engineered with a stainless steel body with three-speed control system
  • Best known for smooth and fastoperation with high output rates