Khoya Making Machine
For making Khoa, Kalakand, Sandesh etc
Product Ref: Product Ref: 100604

Tie-up with the Best Khoya/Mawa Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier – Sarada Robotech

Sarada Robotech will be your best solution if you want the first khoya making to speed up overall sweet production. With years of diligence, we have achieved a strong position in the Khoya Making Machine Manufacturer. Our highly efficient khoya-making machines are one of the most demanding sweet-making equipment for our beloved clients.

We have a comprehensive range of mawa machines that trained professionals to build. Each of our machines is strictly scrutinized based on multiple parameters so that we can deliver the most flawless Khoya Making Machine on the market. The best part of using our machines is that any sweet-making business, irrespective of size, can avail of this food processing equipment at the most affordable rates. 

Specifications of Mawa Making Machine:

  • Three types of jar capacity are available – 30 L, 65 L, and 130 L
  • Semi-automatic machine
  • Motor developed by Crompton
  • Full stainless steel body with mirror polishing finish
  • Khoya producing capacity ranges between 2 ltr to 40 ltr depending upon the jar capacity
  • Best applied in dairy firms
  • Easy to operate
  • Sturdy and powerful
  • High resistance to temperature
  • Smooth and trouble-free operation
  • Low consumption of fuel
  • Economical price range
  • Long service tenure
  • Customizable as per client’s requirements

Specifications : 30L

  • 30 Liter jar Capacity
  • Motor : 0.5 HP motor made by Crompton
  • Khoa (Mawa) Making Capacity : min 2L max 5L
  • To procure Khoa (mawa ) from 5L milk
  • Full S.S Body

Specifications : 65L

  • 65 Liter jar Capacity
  • Motor : 1 HP motor made by Crompton
  • Khoa (Mawa) Making Capacity : Min 3L Max 40L
  • To procure Khoa (mawa ) from 20L milk
  • Full S.S Body 

Specifications : 130L

  • 130 Liter jar Capacity
  • Motor : 1.5 HP motor made by Crompton
  • Khoa (Mawa) Making Capacity : Min 5L Max 80L
  • To procure Khoa (mawa ) from 40L milk
  • Full S.S Body 


This specialized Mawa Making Machine can make the following preparations:

  • Khoya
  • Kalakand, Besan Laddu, Sohan papdi, Kunda, Barfi, Kaju Katli
  • Rabdi or Basundi
  • Condensed milk
  • Chocolate mix
  • Ghee
  • Ayurvedic medicines, syrups, creams
  • Fruit pulps concentrations
  • Ketchup etc. 

If you have decided to buy an extensive khoya-making machine, please get in touch with the professionals of Sarada Rootech, the best Khoya Making Machine Supplier, for optimum performance.

Q. Why choosing the right supplier is important for buying Khoya Making Machine?

Ans. All dairy owners are advised to purchase the best quality khoya-making machines to enhance the plant's overall productivity. Purchasing the machine from the right manufacturer cum supplier will automatically increase the business profitability.

Q. What are the benefits of employing renowned Mawa-making machines in your dairy plant?

Ans. On installing the mawa-making machines is going to be one of the assets of the sweet makers. This cost-efficient tool ensures providing maximum productivity in minimal time. It will also give you a guarantee. Thus you can easily replace the used machine if issues arise. Also, you don't have to worry about repairs from anywhere since your supplier will offer you in-house maintenance services.