Peda Cutting Machine
For Making Cutting Sandesh & Peda Cutting
Product Ref: Product Ref: SA - 1965

Sarada Robotech – the best in class Peda Cutting / Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Peda is one of the most demanded sweets in every sweet shop. Mawa mixing is so time-consuming that sweet shops want automatic machines for preparing various types of desserts in a short while. Here comes the significance of the Automatic Peda Cutting Machine from the house of Sarada Robotech! We offer the most customized solutions following the customer's requirements. The machines work on the stirring principle and mix liquid and slurry material to prepare different types of sweets.

Our Peda Making Machine can produce evenly formed dough balls at a quick pace. Every peda comes out neatly pressed, thus resulting in uniform dough distribution. You won't find any difference between the manual peda and the machine-made peda. Stay assured that the resultant sweets will taste equally good like human hands. The machines are extremely user-friendly to operate. Moreover, it requires the least effort to teach unskilled workers. As a renowned Peda Cutting Machine Manufacturer, we can guarantee using the machines for many years without fear of malfunction.


  •   Machine body – Stainless Steel
  • Motor – Single phase, 1.5 HP
  • Production capacity – 10 to 100 pcs in a minute
  • Labour required – 1 to 2 unskilled labour
  • Machine type – Full automatic with easily operated control panel
  • Power – 1 KW
  • Product shapes – Round ball, flat round, capsule type, round with press kind
  • Height – 775 mm, Length – 1750 mm, Width – 600 mm
  • Weight of product – 10 to 180 gms
  • Voltage – 220v
  • Lightweight
  • Application – commercial

After spending so many years in the industry, we have become a prominent brand as Peda Cutting Machine Supplier that offers the best range of Peda Cutting Machine with effective delivery. Today, most sweet makers install this heavy-duty machine in their workshops for producing peda, Sandesh, and other types of sweets of different shapes and sizes.

Every Peda Cutting Machine will provide the best quality peda in excellent preciseness. At Sarada Robotech, we manufacture these machines with premium quality materials so our clients can provide the best quality sweets to their end customers. We keep the price of the products so reasonable that it becomes an integral part of every sweet-making business. The advanced technology and latest designs ensure producing high-quality sweets.


Q. Does your company provide online delivery services of peda-making machines?

Ans. Yes, our company delivers intelligent machines worldwide within the due period.

Q. Why should a sweet-making business install a high-quality Stamping Machine?

Ans. These facilities help in manufacturing quality peda and other sweets in high volume within a short period. The sophisticated machines also allow the fabrication of quality products based on the client's specific requirements.

Get connected with Sarada Robotech today to buy the most versatile peda cutting machines and make high-quality sweets per customer demands. We maintain internationally accepted standards to support our customers achieve maximum prioritization. In the current food processing industry, the intensive use of these peda-making machines helps produce magical desserts and reduces the manual workforce.