Rasgulla Making Machine
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Product Ref: Robo Rounder SA - 1992

Sarada Robotech – The Best Rasgulla Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier in India

We, Sarada Robotech is popularly known for manufacturing a full-functional Rasgulla Making Machine that is widely accepted for exceptional properties like high durability, in-built mechanical components, low maintenance, compact size, food-grade contacting parts, low functional cost, and most importantly, cost-effective prices.

With years of experience, we have been offering our valuable clients the most demanding Automatic Rasgulla Making Machine that provides mechanized and optimum results. All our machines go through International standards of safety regulations so that our clients can serve the most hygienic sweets.

Specifications :

  • Energy efficient
  • Stainless steel body
  • Three-speed control
  • Width – 620mm, Length – 2134 mm, Height – 1330 mm
  • Reservoir Capacity 5 kgs
  • Zero requirements of air compressor
  • Production capacity is 12000 pieces in an hour
  • User-friendly, portable, and supreme-quality machine
  • Output extent is between 3 gram and 100 gram
  • All outputs are of the same shape, size, and weight
  • low operating and maintenance cost
  • Motor manufactured by oriental Japan/ Teco Taiwan/ Panasonic Japan

Technical features:

  • User-friendly and portable machine
  • Power and labour-saving benefits
  • Easily operated
  • Automatic ball counting facility
  • Zero lubricating requirements for the lifetime
  • Complete stainless steel body
  • Drive produced by Teco Taiwan
  • Capable of producing 12000 pieces/hour
  • Accumulation tray
  • Small yet concise size
  • Food grade quality equipment
  • Easily washable
  • Built-in AC drive for regulating output speed
  • The automatic electric control module
  • Power – 660 Watt, Voltage – 220V
  • Storage capacity up to 5 kgs
  • The output differs from 3 gm to 100 gm
  • Integrated with a special attachment for making balls

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Automatic Rasgulla Making Machine work?

Ans. With technological advancement, every sweet manufacturer opts for this rasgulla-making machine. These machines offered by Rasgulla Machine Manufacturer abruptly reduce the sweet-making time and requirement of manual operation. The process is so simple that even an unskilled person can operate it without hassle. You need to put the chenna and select which size of rasgulla you want to make. Now, it’s time to switch on the machine, and the sweets will be formed. 

Q. Is a single person enough to operate the Rasgulla Making Machine?

Ans. Yes. It needs only a person to operate the machine. The main aim of manufacturing this machine is to produce more with less labour.

Make the tastiest rasgullas with the high-efficient rasgulla-making machines offered by Sarada Robotech, the leading Rasgulla Machine Supplier.

Q. Why your business should invest in Rasgulla Making Machine?

Ans. If you want to employ reduced labour with increased production, you should opt for buying the Automatic Rasgulla Making Machine from a renowned manufacturer cum supplier. By choosing the intelligent sweet-making machine, your business will ensure high efficiency and maximum profitability.

Q. Is the rasgulla-making machine capable of producing rasgulla only?      

Ans. The best-in-class Rasgulla Machine Manufacturer utilizes the rasgulla-making machine to manufacture various sweets, including Lalmohan, Pantua, Danadar, Rashbari, Kamalabhog, Mecha, Khirkadam, Sesame ball, Rasmalai, Narkel Naru, Gaja, and many more.