Best Rasgulla Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Best Rasgulla Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Get State-of-the-art food processing machines at a reasonable rate and take your productivity to the next level

Robust Design

Food-Grade Equipment

Energy Efficient

Affordable Pricing

The Best Rasgulla Making Machine in Kolkata Is a Click Away

Making rasgulla in large quantities isn’t hard anymore; make it easy with the best rasgulla making machine. At Sarada Robotech, you can get state-of-the-art food processing machines at a reasonable rate. Whether you are running a sweet shop or a supplier on whom various shops depend, you can make the process easy for everyone with an automatic rasgulla making machine. Being the best rasgulla machine manufacturer, we can assure you the best value for your hard-earned money

Why Sarada Robotech?

Sarada Robotech – The Best Rasgulla Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

There was a habit of buying technologically advanced food processing machines from other states or countries. There were only a few manufacturers who used to offer food processing machines that could support production requirements of all sizes. Today, Sarada Robotech is here to offer you next-gen food processing machines like the gulab jamun making machine to save you money, time, and energy.

Our machines are the results of deep research and innovation. We aim to reduce the time and energy required for sweet making and make the process fast. With only one or two employees, you can handle a large sweet production requirement if you equip your process with our efficient machines.

We offer full-functional automatic rasgulla making machines in Kolkata and other states. Our machines are popular for their durability, superior in-built mechanical components, compact size, low maintenance, low functional cost, food-grade contact parts, and affordable prices. Whether you already run a sweet shop or want to start your own business, try our automatic sweet-making machines and be the largest sweet supplier in your area.


Let our numbers do the talking!

Let our numbers do the talking!

55000 +

Sweet Making Machine

1000 +

Ongoing Projects

40000 +

Happy Clients

150 +


Sweet Making Made Easy

We follow a completely mechanised system of food production to ensure hygienically efficient food processing machines. Our machines do not develop rust over time, and the no-human-interference mechanism helps vendors maintain the hygiene of their foods.

Automatic Rasgulla Making Machines of All Sizes

Being the best rasgulla making machine supplier, we deliver products of all sizes. Boost your sweet production business with us.

Gulab Jamun Machine

Make Gulab Jamun By Machine

Frying Kadai

For Frying Gulabjamun, Samosa, Kofta etc.

Large Kadai

For making Khoa,Kalakand,Sandesh,Halwa etc.

Khoya Making Machine

For making Khoa, Kalakand, Sandesh etc.

Peda Cutting Machine

For Making Cutting Sandesh & Peda Cutting

Encrusting Machine

Barfi,square food cutting machine

Know About Our Machines

  • Energy and Labor-intensive

  • Portable and User-friendly

  • Automatic Ball Counting

  • Zero Lubrication Requirement

  • Capable of Making 4,000 Pieces/Hour

  • Easily Washable

  • Up to 5 Kg of Storage Capacity

  • Built-in AC Drive for Regulating Output Speed

  • All outputs are of the same shape, size, and weight

  • Low operating and maintenance cost

  • Motor manufactured by oriental Japan/ Teco Taiwan/ Panasonic Japan

  • Stainless Steel Body

  • Easy to Use and Durable

  • Two-Speed Control

  • Reservoir Capacity 5 kgs

  • No Air Compressor Needed

  • Equal and Consistent Output

  • Made of High-Quality Materials

  • Automatic Electronic Control Module

  • Width – 610mm, Length – 2134 mm, Height – 1295 mm

  • Anyone who is planning to start a small business with limited labour

  • Sweet shops that need to increase productivity and deliver sweets within tight deadlines

  • Business owners who have a small space but want to increase production

  • Established businesses that want to increase supply without compromising quality

  • Businesses that need to boost production without increasing the cost

  • Price-match guarantee - Price match to a valid quote in comparison with a branded player and for exact scope.

  • Flexible payment options - EMI solutions and payment schemes from leading financial partners.

  • No hidden costs - Transparent costing without last-minute additions.

Qualities That Make Us Different


30% Energy

1000+ Happy


Connect with us

Reach out on WhatsApp or give us a call for your any queries

Connect with us

Reach out on WhatsApp or give us a call for your any queries

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide variety of sweet making machines. Based on the size and features, we determine the price. The price may vary from one size to another. In order to know the price of our machines, kindly call us or send a WhatsApp text. After analysing your requirements, we can give you a quote. Our quotation is free, and you can avail yourself of it at any time.
Buying the best Rasgulla making machine in Kolkata isn’t a challenge anymore. You can search online and list the top manufacturers. Before choosing any machine, minutely check the make and model, features, warranty, and other specifications, and then buy the best one.
Yes, a rasgulla or khoya making machine can help you save a lot of time. With only one or two people, you can run a large sweet making unit and deliver products on time. Share your everyday production requirements with us, and our team will help you choose the best machine within your budget.
With a bit of research, you can easily find the best sweet making machine supplier in Kolkata. Before dealing with any rasgulla machine manufacturer, read clients’ reviews, compare prices, inspect product features and warranty facilities, and then decide. You should go with a manufacturer who is willing to provide after-sales support for the needs of the customers.
Before buying a rasgulla machine, you should thoroughly inspect its features. Features can make a real difference. Some of the crucial features of sweet making machines are low operational costs, one-labour control, compact size, easy opening and cleaning with water, food-grade contact parts, user-friendliness, easy operation by non-technical persons, low maintenance costs, and so on.

Start Your Sweet Shop Now

Starting a sweet shop can be easy, even if you have limited manpower. Our advanced rasgulla-making machine can produce 3,000 pieces/hour and help you be the leading sweet supplier in the industry. You can also make pantua, kamlabhog, gulabjamun, gaja, langcha, danadar, rice ball, maida ball, peda, khirkadam, guti, kofta, chamcham, kalojam, and so many other authentic Indian sweets.

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